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Philomena Baldwin

Lives & works in Texas

About the Artist

Philomena Baldwin is an active digital artist who has a penchant for creating and drawing characters. Her tools of choice are the digital drawing tablet and desktop. She is also a traditionally trained artist and works primarily in 2D mediums. 

'Mena' recieved her BFA degree at LSU in Digital Art, with minors in AVATAR and Art History. At LSU, she concentrated her studies on 2D art, film, and 3d modeling. For her final projects, she was able to create two prototype games: "Dysphoria," a solo developed horror game & "Dweeb McDermitt," an virtual reality game created with a team of talented student artists and programmers. 


She won the Texas Crab Festival Art Contest first place prize two years in a row. Her artwork was featured on the festival's t-shirts and the original pieces were auctioned for charity. In her time as a graphic artist, she created many logos used for companies, organizations, and events in South-East Texas. 

She currently works as a freelancer, working on her comic RE: Witchblade and any commissions.